English Grammar

Multiple choice questions-2

1. She never stops talking about herself and is full of herself

 a. is very fast

b. is too fat

 c. is very conceited

d. is very full

 2. A person whose head is in the  “Clouds is

 a. An aviator

 b. Proud

 c. A day dreamer

d. None

 3. My uncle sees me, every now and again”….

 a. occasionally

b. weekly

 c. rarely

d. frequently

 4. Boot Leg”Means to……

 a. Distribute

b. export

 c. contribute

d. smuggle

 5. The tree has been blown ….. by the storm.

 a. away

b. up

 c. off

 d. out

 6. The World War II broke …. in September, 1939

 a. away

 b. happened

c. in

 d. out

 7. The candidates turned …. at the interview.

 a. in

 b. up

c. for

d. off

 8. It is 10am now. The sun ….. in the eastern sky.

 a. shines

b. is shining

 c. had been shining

d. has been shining

 9. I shall go home after I (to finish) the work.

 a. I shall go home after I have finished the work.

 b. I shall go home after I have finish the work.

 c. I shall go home after I had finished the work.

 d. I shall go home after I shall finish the work.

 10. Select the correct form of verb. I got my car……..

 a. repairing

b. have repaired

 c. repaired

 d. to be repaired

 11. Which is the correct sentence?

 a. I wish I was in your shoes.

 b. I wish I were in your shoes.

 c. I wish I got into your shoes.

 d. I wish I get into your shoes.

 12. A new house ….. at the corner of the road.

 a. is building

b. been built

 c. is built

 d. is being built

 13. Speak to him. The passive voice is……..

 a. Let him to be spoken.

 b. Let him be spoken.

 c. Let him be spoken to.

 d. Let him for being spoken.

 14. He said, Thanks, my friends. The indirect form is…….

 a. He told his friends thanks.

 b. He thanked his friends.

 c. He said thanked to his friends.

 d. He said to his friends thanks.

 15. Conduit is nearest is meaning to…….

 a. Water tape

b. Electricity cable

 c. Pipe

 d. window panes.

 16. What is the antonym of Limpid?

 a. Watery

b. Bright

 c. Muddy

d. Transparent

 17. Choose the correctly spelt word.

 a. Asassination

b. Assassination

 c. Assasination

d. Asaysination

 18. Which of the following words is not miss spelt?

 a. Anaesthesia

b. Lientenant

 c. Caterpillar

 d. Dynosaur

 19. He wants that I should go. Make it simple.

 a. He wants my going.

 b. He wants that I must.

 c. He wants me to go.

 d. He wants that I might go.

 20. A Passage to India is written by………

 a. Thoman Hardy

b. E.M. Forster

 c. Rudyard Kipling

d. Walter Scott

 21. Who is the most famous satirist in English literature?

 a. Alexander Pope

b. William Wordsworth

 c. Jonathan Swift

d. Oscar Wilde

 22. The first English novel Pamela has been written by…..

 a. Daniel Defoe

 b. Henry Fielding

 c. Samuel Richadrson

d. Walter Scott

 23. William Shakespeare is a famous……… century English playwright.

 a. Nineteenth

 b. sixteenth

 c. Fifteenth

d. eighteenth

 24. We subsist……… rice.

 a. in

 b. on

c. to

d. with

 25. Finally, one-fourth of the candidates …….. selected.

 a. have been

 b. has been

 c. had

d. was

 Check your answer:

1. c 2. c 3. a 4. d 5. a 6. d7. b 8. b 9. a10. c 11. b 12. d 13. c 14. b 15. a 16. c 17. b 18. c 19. c 20. b 21. c 22. c 23. b 24. b 25. a.


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