English Grammar

 Multiple choice questions

1. Karim went home ….. seeing his mother.

  1. with a view to
  2. in view of
  3. in the face of
  4. with the intention

2. Hard labour …… health.

a. breaks upon

b. turns upon

c. tells upon

d. puts upon

 3. In spite of my requests, he did not……

a. fall in

b. get of

c. give in

d. give forth

 4. “A power lunch” means……

a. A lunch where powerful persons attend

b. A lunch where business deals are discussed

c. A lunch where criminal plans are sketched out

d. A lunch where head of the state attend

 5. “Pop the question” means…..

a. To ask someone to marry

b. To ask someone to dinner

c. To table an important question

d. To say no to a query

 6. The police are looking …… the case.

a. after b. up

c. an d. into

 7. Ashma run fast lest she …….. miss the train.

a. can b. should

c. cloud d. has

 8. Which one is the right in use?

a. It is no good of the talk to him.

b. To talk him is of no good.

c. It is no use talking to him

d. It is of no use how talking to him

 9. I know the boy who is wounded. The underline clause is……

a. None clause b. adverb clause

c. adjective clause d. none of them.

 10. What he said was interesting  the underline clause is………

a. Noun clause b. adverb clause

c. adjective clause

d. Noun & adjective clause

 11. It is I who …… guilty.

a. are

b. am

c. were

d. am being

 12. A rolling stone gathers no moss. what “rolling”  is?

a. Gerund

b. Participle

c. Adjective

d. Verbal noun

 13. Find out the adjective-

a. beauty

b. beautiful

c. beautification

d. beautify

 14. What is the adjective of the word “heart”?

a. Hearted

b. Hearten

c. Heartening

d. heartful

 15. To tell a lie is a sin. The underlined word is……


b. infinitive

c. verb

d. participle

 16. “One should respect one’s elders”. The passive voice is……

a. One’s elders should be respected.

b. Elders should be respected.

c. One’s elders should be one’s respected.

d. Both b & c

 17. “ELUCIDATE” is the synonym of……

a. confuse

b. perplex

c. extreme

d. expound

 18. Which spelling is correct?

a. Secretariate

b. Secretariat

c. Secretariet

d. Secretariet

 19. Who is famous for the theory of “Objective Co-relative”?

a. Virginia Woolf

b. Edward Morgan Forster

c. T. S. Eliot

d. William Somerset Maugham

 20. “Goethe” is the greatest poet of…..

a. Germany

b. England

c. Russia

d. France

Check your answer: 

1. a 2. c 3.c 4. b 5. a 6. d 7. b 8. c 9. c 10. a 11. b 12. c 13. b 14. c 15. b 16. b 17. d 18. b 19. c 20. A


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