1.It’s high time we———-studying




(d)with start

2.I’d rather———-in and watch TV.

(a)have stayed




3.She spoke slowly so that I———understand what she———.

(a)could —-was saying

(b)would—-was telling


(d)wil—-is saying

4. Where———?.I need to speak to himm

(a)would he go

(b)will he go

(c)has he gone

(d)did he go

5. I am not going to pass this test——-.

(a)think nothing of it

(b)do not worry

(c)it is

(d)do not mention it

6. I am so grateful for everything you——-

(a)had done

(b)would have done


(d)have done

7. He is said to———-at least three wives.

(a)had had

(b)had had

(c)has had


8. She———this morning.

(a)would arrive



(d)is to arrive

9. The whole team——-happy to——

(a)were happy—- win

(b)was happy—-have won

(c)were happy—-have won

(d)was happy—-won

10. This is the first time I———her——–in years.

(a)heard laugh


(c)have heard—-laugh

(d)have heard her—-is laughing

Check Your Answer:

3.(a)could —-was saying
4.(c)has he gone
5.(b)do not worry
6.(d)have done
8.(d)is to arrive
9.(c)were happy—-have won
10.(c)have heard—-laugh


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