English Grammar Test by Multiple Questions


1.You could———-me before! Why didn’t you?

(a)have written
(c)be writing
(d)had written
2.You could———-when you were 7 years old.
(a)have written
(c)be writing
(d)had written
3.The angry workers made the director ———.
4. I don’t believe you .Tom couldn’t have let them———.
(d)had gone
5. There is nothing wrong with me——-.
6. There’s strange man behind us——-behaviour I can’t ——–.
(a)Who make up
(b)which make out
(c)whose make up
(d)whose make out
7. We have not got any toilet paper. Don’t worry———-!
(a)We have it
(b)so have we
(c)we’ve got some
(d)neither do
8. I would rather you talking———.I have a headache.
(d)had stopped
9. They never sleep this late——-they?
10. Anyone can do this———?
(a)can he
(b)can’t they
(c)can they
(d)can’t he

Check Your Answer:

1.(a)have written
6.(b)whose make out
7.(c)we’ve got some
10.(b)can’t they


1.It’s high time we———-studying
(d)with start
2.I’d rather———-in and watch TV.
(a)have stayed
3.She spoke slowly so that I———understand what she———.
(a)could —-was saying
(b)would—-was telling
(d)will—-is saying
4. Where———?.I need to speak to him
(a)would he go
(b)will he go
(c)has he gone
(d)did he go
5. I am not going to pass this test——-.
(a)think nothing of it
(b)do not worry
(c)it is
(d)do not mention it
6. I am so grateful for everything you——-
(a)had done
(b)would have done
(d)have done
7. He is said to———-at least three wives.
(a)had had
(b)had had
(c)has had
8. She———this morning.
(a)would arrive
(d)is to arrive
9. The whole team——-happy to——
(a)were happy—- win
(b)was happy—-have won
(c)were happy—-have won
(d)was happy—-won
10. This is the first time I———her——–in years.
(a)heard laugh
(c)have heard—-laugh
(d)have heard her—-is laughing

Check Your Answer:

3.(a)could —-was saying
4.(c)has he gone
5.(b)do not worry
6.(d)have done
8.(d)is to arrive
9.(c)were happy—-have won
10.(c)have heard—-laugh


1.when I was a kid we —– a lot. It was great.
(a) used to travel
(b)would travel
(c) travelled
(d) have travelled
2.When I saw her yesterday she—– a black coat and great green trousers.
(a) was wearing
(c) used to wear
(d) wored
3.what—– around five o’clock yesterday?
(a) could you be doing
(b)have you done
(c) did you do
(d) were you doing
4.I went—- yesterday.
(a) to shopping
(b)to shop
(c) shopping
(d) shop
5.I went shopping yesterday and —- a present for my friend.
(a) bought
(c) buy
(d) used to buy
6.I ——- that book when I was a teenager.
(a) was reading
(c) used to read
(d) have read
7.Oh, no It’s raining and I —— my umbrella ! I’m going to get wet.
(a) haven’t remember
(b)don’t remember
(c) have forgotten
(d) forgot
8.I—— my key’s again and I can’t open the door. What am I going to do now.
(a) have lost
(c) lost
(d) used to lose
9.I——– a ot when I was a baby.
(a) used to cry
(c) have cried
(d) cryed
10.I haven’t seen you——–
(a) three days ago
(b)for three days
(c) at three days
(d) since three days

Check Your Answer:

1. (a) used to travel
2. (a) was wearing
3. (d) were you doing
4. (c) shopping
5. (a) bought
6. (b)read
7. (c) have forgotten
8. (a) have lost
9. (a) used to cry
10(b)for three days


1.Let’s go to —— to get some——
(a)The butcher’s—-meat
(b)a butcher—-meat
(c)The butcher’s—-meat
(d)The butcher—-meat
2.Are you trying to prevent me from ——?
(b) to speak
(c) spoke
(d) speaking
3.This door—-to be opened under any circumstances.
(b) isn’t
(c) can’t
(d) is
4.More than one paintings——-stolen.
5.I could have never imagined that he would have let them——-
(d)to stay
6.You’ll be quite safe——– As you follow my instructions.
(a)As well as
(b)as far as
(c) as long as
7.We’ve had no word from Colin as——-.
(b) for
(c) still
8.He is behaving as though nothing——-.
(b)had happened
(c) has happened
(d) happens
9.As——— as I turned left, the engine went dead.
(c) soon
(d) far
10.The offer was too good ——-
(b) for refusing
(c)to refuse
(d) refuse

Check Your Answer:

1.(a)The butcher’s—-meat
2.(d) speaking
3. (b) isn’t
4. (a)Was
5. (b)stay
6. (c) as long as
7. (a)Yet
8. (b)had happened
9. (c) soon
10. (c)to refuse


1.As——- as we know he left years ago.
(b) long
(d) well
2.He swears he heard him——-that.
(b) say
(c)said had
(d) said
3.Jim as well as Tom——jazz.
(b) Like
(c) is liking
(d) to like
4.The old house along with a big yard——-up for sale.
(b) are
5.The old house along and a big yard——-up for sale.
(b) are
6.This must be——-book.
(a)Someone’s else
(b) someone else
(c)someone else’s
(d) someone’s else’s
7.I remember——-that friend—- where does he live now?
(a)To see—of Bob’s
(b) seeing of Bob
(c) seeing of Bobs
(d) to see of Bob
8.I don’t approve—–whatever he wants.
(a)Of him doing
(b) of him
(c) to go him
(d) to do
9.The house—-they——for London.
(a)Having been locked —-set off
(b) being locked—– set off
(c)having locked —set out
(d) locking —set off
10.With all lights—–they went to bed.
(b) through
(c) long
(d) far

Check Your Answer:

2. (b) say
3. (a)Likes
4. (a)Is
5. (b) are
6. (c)someone else’s
7. (b) seeing of Bob
8. (a)Of him doing
9. (a)Having been locked —-set off
10. (d) far

1.—————-the door, he came in.
(b)having been opened
(c) opened
2.Susan, —— a wealthy lawyer has nothing to fear now.
(d)to marry
3.The mechanic was—– under my car.
4.I usually —- down to have some rest.
5.I have two friends—– are on holiday at the moment.
(c)both of whom
(d)both of who
6.I have two friends and they are —— on holiday at the moment.
(b)both of whom
(c)both of who
7.The book ——- you are looking for is in my room.
8.After graduating she started working——- a waitress.
(b) as
9. She is tired non stop,’cause she works—— a dog.
10.I’d like you—–now.
(a)not go
(b)to go

Check Your Answer:

1. (d)opening
2. (b)marrying
3. (d)lying
4. (d)lie
5. (c)both of whom
6. (d)both
7. (d)/
8. (b) as
9. (c)like
10. (b)to go


1.I don’t believe that he died—————-natural causes.
(c) /
2.I don’t remember those pictures. Dad—–when we weren’t looking.
(a)can’t have taken them
(b)must have taken them
(c) couldn’t have taken them
(d)might be taking them
3.If he had been more careful, he—– cut his finger.
(b)cannot have
(c) might not have
4.My train arrived———-,as usual.
(b)later than
(c) late
5.He smiled——-than ever before.
(a)more happily
(c) happy
6.He worked———than ever before/
(c) more hardly
7.We’ve asked for —–information on travel to India.
(c) an
8.I added——- litre of water to the soup.
(b) some
(c) the
(d) a
9. She put——– petrol in her car.
(c) the
10.If you are bored I can give you——–work to do.
(b) an
(c) the
(d) a

Check Your Answer:

1. (b)of
2. (b)must have taken them
3. (c) might not have
4. (c) late
5. (a)more happily
6. (d)harder
7. (a)some
8. (d) a
9. (d)some
10. (a)some


1.I have—————-idea. Let’s go to the beach!
(c) an
2.He offered me—–advice.
(c) an
3.I have—– Good news for you.
(c) the
4.Who was———- letter from? My brother.
(c) a
5.There is ——letter for you..
(c) an
6. Here’s —–address. It’s the best garage I know.
(c) an
7.He lives in —– Toronto, a large city in Canada, on the stores of lake Ontario.
8.Susan comes from—— Republic of China.
9. This jacket is too old. I must—— a new one.
(a)by buying
(c) bye
10.You——–help me if you don’t have time. I can do the job myself.
(a) Aren’t going to
(b) Aren’t able
(c) Shouldn’t
(d) Don’t have to

Check Your Answer:

1. (c) an
2. (b)Some
3. (d)some
4. (a)The
5. (d)a
6. (b)the
7. (c)/
8. (b)the
9. (b)buy
10. (d) Don’t have to


1.I have a headache.—————-you buy some aspirin for me?
(a) may
(b) must
(c) could
(d) should
2.There are no lights on and no one answers the door bell. They— be at home.
(a) can’t
(b) mustn’t
(c) don’t have
(d) have
3.The exam was —- easy that everyone got an A grade
(a) very
(b) so
(c) such an
(d) such
4.I spent—– much money on my holiday that I can’t pay my rent!
(a) very
(b) so
(c) such an
(d) such
5.It’s —— a shame you can’t come on holiday with us.
(a) very
(b) so
(c) such an
(d) such
6. They insisted that we ——– behind.
(a) not stayed
(b) not staying
(c) not to stay
(d) not stay
7.My wife says she wishes I —— a thousand miles away.
(a) was
(b) had been
(c) have been
(d) were
8.I hate being alone. I wish I —— a bother.
(a) had had
(b) had
(c) have had
(d) have
9. he said he wishes he —–me.
(a) seeing
(b) didn’t see
(c) saw
(d) hadn’t seen
10.I had terrible toothache so I had my tooth———–
(a) pull out
(b) to pull out
(c) pulling out
(d) pulled out

Check Your Answer:

1. (c) could
2. (a) can’t
3. (b) so
4.(b) so
5. (d) such
6. (d) not stay
7. (d) were
8(b) had
9. (d) hadn’t seen
10. (d) pulled out


1.This car is terrible. I must—— it repaired
(a) have had
(b) had
(c) having
(d) have
2.When the teacher opened the door she could see that the kids—-(run)
(a) ran
(b) run
(c) have run
(d)were running
3.Don’t worry, I — (lend) you the money you need to buy that car.
(a) would give
(b) give
(c) will lend
(d) will borrow
4.They ——- (not work) .they have gone on holiday.
(a) don’t work
(b) haven’t work
(c) didn’t work
(d) aren’t working
5.A letter—- (write) every week.
(a) writes
(b) is writting
(c) is written
(d) has written
6. ——-, I will go crazy.
(a)unless you don’t shut up
(b) unless you shut up
(c) If you didn’t shut up
(d)If you shut up
7.He is not at home. He—- to Paris on a business trip
(a) Has been
(b) has gone
(c) was
(d) went
8.I —(visit) y granny in Paris last year and I learn some French.
(a) have visited
(b) visited
(c) visit
(d) was visited
9. She speaks English —– (good)
(a) well
(b) goodly
(d) better than
10.If you don’t drive—– (careful) , you will have an accident.
(a) carefullest
(b) carefully
(c) careful
(d) carfuly

Check Your Answer:

1. (d) have
2. (d)were running
3. (c) will lend
4. (d) aren’t working
5. (c) is written
6. (b) unless you shut up
7. (b) has gone
8. (b) visited
9. (a) well
10. (b) carefully


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