1. He said that he __ be unable to come.

a. would

b. shall

c. should

d. will

2. We waited until the plane__.

a. did not take off

b. had not taken off

c. took off

d. had taken off

3. Change the voice : His conduct annoyed me.

a. He annoyed me with conduct

b. I was annoyed with his conduct

c. I was annoyed from his conduct

d. I was annoyed at his conduct

4. We would like to vote__ the liberal candidate.

a. for b. to

c. with d. at

5. Out and out means__

a. not at all b. brave

c. thoroughly d. whole heatedly

6. The__ always do many good things for society. Put the correct phrase in the blank.

a. Era long

b. Big guns

c. Sheet anchor

d. Yellow dog

7. Not many people can commit such a heinous crime in cold blood.

What does the above idiom mean?

a. in cool brain and calculated thought

b. stirred by sudden emotion

c. so impatiently and thought Lesley

d. so patiently and thoughtfully

8. ‘Come here’ choose correct indirect speech-

a. He told come here.

b. He told that I should come here.

c. He ordered that I go there.

d. He told me to go there.

9. The expression ‘Lingua franca’ means__

a. Common language

b. First language

c. International language

d. Tribal language

10. A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a journey to a__

a. a new country

b. holy place

c. a bazar

d. mosque

11. Syntax means__

a. Rules for writing paragraph

b. Rules for sentence building

c. Rules for correct pronunciation

d. Rules for writing an essay

12. A Lexicographer is a person who writes_

a. Novels

b. Graphs

c. Medical books

d. Dictionaries

13. The synonym of the word ‘Gruesome’ is_

a. Dreadful

b. Frightful

c. Horrific

d. All of the above

14. What is the meaning of the word ‘intrepid’?

a. arrogant

b. fearless

c. belligerent

d. Questioning

15. Synonym of ‘procrastinate’__

a. Show interest in

b. Delay

c. Disappear

d. Deny

16. Meaning of ‘Referendum’ is__

a. Snap Poll

b. Gallop Poll

c. Plebiscite

d. None of the above

17. What is an antonym of ‘revoke’?

a. cancel

b. withdraw

c. keep

d. maintain

18. Antonym of ‘untenable’ is_

a. tender

b. supportable

c. adequate

d. tremulous

19. Find out the antonym of ‘Dexterity’?

a. skill

b. knack

c. adroitness

d. clumsiness

20. Choose the correct antonym of ‘Sluggish’_

a. dull

b. animated

c. heavy

d. slow

21. Choose the correct one_

a. Mispel

b. Mispell

c. Misspel

d. Misspell

22. Find out the correct spelling_

a. Leftenant

b. Lietenant

c. Lifetenant

d. Lieutenant

23. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”_ is a line from

a. Shelley

b. Coleridge

c. Byron

d. Keats

24. “Justice delayed is justice denied” was stated by_

a. Disraeli

b. Gladstone

c. Emerson

d. Shakespeare

25. Who of the following was a poet?

a. G B Shaw

b. T S Eliot

c. Jane Austen

d. Charles Dickens


1. a 2. c 3. d 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. a 8. d 9. a 10. b 11. b 12. d 13. d 14. b 15. b 16. c 17. d 18. b 19. d 20. b 21. d 22. d 23. a 24. b 25. b.


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