Right Form of Verbs

Question: Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tenses. Use negative where necessary :

 1.  Require, achieve, take, become, consider, learn, rise

Education is often compared to light and (a) — as the pillar of human civilization. So, it is only education which can make a nation (b) —to the level of standard development. From this point of view, it (c) — quite clear to us that if a country can provide its people with education (d) — for the modern aspects of life, it will be able to (e) — an all out prosperity to the betterment and welfare of the nation.

 2.  Waste, suffer, envelope, educate, do, study, be

It is high time you (a) — for the Test Exam. You (b) — much time wandering aimlessly and doing meaningless jobs. Don’t you know that your parents and relatives highly expect you to (c) — ? But if you are not serious right from now, you (d) — in the long run. Besides, your future (e) — in darkness.

3.  Use, take, belong, smoke, find, irritate, offend, drink

People addicted to (a) — find it difficult to give up this harmful habit. Many of them suffer from various diseases including cancer which (b) — a heavy tool of lives every year. A cure for this deadly disease has not yet been (c) —. Smoking (d) — eyes and (e) — the nose.

 Answer Sheet

 1. Ans: (a) is considered/considered (b) rise (c) has become becomes (d) required (e) achieve

 2. Ans : (a) studied (b) Should not waste/have wasted (c) be educated (d) will suffer (e) will be enveloped

 3. Ans: (a) smoking (b)takes (c)found (d) irritates (e) offends


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