Vocabulary Test

 Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.

1.  dependence , rise, necessity, improved, production, increase, around, circumstances, shortage, shift, dependent, sustain

Power is the key to the economic growth of any country. The (a)———— of power is only known when load shedding occurs. Though rural life of Bangladesh is not totally (b) ———— on power, urban life cannot be (c) ———— without electricity. At present we have the (d) ———— of around 4000 MW electricity and the (e) ———— is around 2000 MW. This demand is ever on the (f) ———— . In 2020 the national demand for electricity will rise to (g) ———— 8000 MW. The reality is this situation cannot be (h) ———— just by installing some high capacity generation units. Under these (i) ———— we should create a master plan to increase the production of electricity and also have to (j) ———— our concentration to alternative fuel source.

2.think, distress, seem, neighbour, ensure, develop, get, mutual, make, communicate, treat, familiar

As the world�s communication system is (a) ———— day by day, the world seems to be (b) ———— smaller. For the development of the communication system, now we can easily (c) ———— with the people of other countries within a moment. Now the world (d) ———— to be a village and the countries seem to be families. If we develop our (e) ———— understanding and co-operation, we can (f) ———— our world a better place. We should never (g) ———— others as enemies but as friends. As a friend we should (h) ———— immediate help to other countries in their (i) ———— and sorrows; we should (j) ———— them to be our neighbour.

Complete the following passages using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap. 

3. The natural calamities happening (a) ———— the world prove that there has been a change of global (b) ———— . Hurricane, Katrina, Rita, Sunami, Earthquake, Typhoon and Cyclone are all the (c) ———— of this change. Experts have warned that we are heading (d) ———— a great disaster because of (e) ———— degradation. We are doing a great (f) ———— to our environment by (g) ———— unwise in our activities. (h) ———— is the must spectacular reason that causes thus degradation. And it (i) ———— we who are responsible for this. We must not pollute our environment if we want to keep the earth (j) ————

4. Mobile phone is an important (a) ———— of communication and correspondence. It makes communication with the people in the (b) ———— possible time. The use of mobile phone is more (c) ———— than telephone call. The man, who (d) ———— message will have to pay bill but the (e) ———— can respond to the message without any (f) ———— . Specially, businessmen are much (g) ———— through the use of mobile phone. It is also very (h) ———— for the doctors and high officials. Sometimes the (i) ———— use this phone to keep their connection. In spite of this there is no (j) ———— of mobile phone to make the modern life enjoyable.


a) necessity
b) dependent
c) sustained
d) production
e) demand
f) rise
g) arround
h) improved
i) circumstances
j) shift


a) developing
b) getting
c) communicate
d) seems
e) mutual
f) make
g) treat
h) ensure
i) distress
j) take


a) around
b) climate
c) out come/results
d) towards
e) environmental
f) harm
g) being
h) pollution
i) is
j. habitable


a) means
b) shortest
c) advantageous
d) sends
e) receiver
f) cost
g) benefiled
h) useful
i) terrorists/criminals
j) substitution


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