A postman is the most familiar person to all of us. One who delivers letters, parcels, money-orders, telegrams etc. from door to door is called a postman. He generally puts on a khaki uniform. We know him from a distance. He always carries a bag full of letters, money-orders or parcels. He is a very reliable person. The duties and responsibilities of a postman are many. He has to work in his area from door to door as well as in his office. He sorts the letters according to the locations of the houses of the recipients. After that he puts them in his bag in a planned way. Than he goes out to deliver them from door to door. He has to maintain a record in case of registered letters, parcels and money-orders. He has to take the signatures of the addressee. He is a messenger of fate. He brings us both good and bad news. Yet he is welcomed by all. In fact, the life of a postman is miserable. He passes his days in a very simple way. Still he has to be honest and responsible. We should take care of a postman and his honesty should be rewarded. In fact, the postman is a real friend of our society.


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