Young heroes are those young’s who are very active, sincere and helpful to others. From our text we can learn about some young heroes. They are Anwar, Kashem, Luna and Rina. All of them helped Rina’s grandmother in her accident. One afternoon, when Anwer and Kashem were walking together, they noticed a small crowd near the college pond. They walked quickly over to the crowd of the people. They saw that there’s been an accident. A poor lady, Rina’s grandmother, fallen down and hurt herself. Then Kashem stayed there and Anwar informed it Rina’s mother and comeback with her.  Then they took her hospital by a push-cart. Rina’s grandmother hurt herself quite badly that she had to stay at the hospital for about a week. Mrs. Siddiqua Murshed was very happy when Rina and her friend Luna visited her at Nurpur hospital after school. Anwar and Kashem also visited her on their way home from school. After about a week, she left hospital and started to feel strong again. After a few more days, she arranged a lunch to celebrate those young people who helped her in her accident. 


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