A library is the store house of knowledge. It plays a very significant role in spreading knowledge. No ideal school can run well without a good library. Every educational institution has a library of its own. Our school has also a nice library with a vast collection of books. The library is situated in the eastern side of our school. There is a librarian who helps us very much by lending books. Once a week, during the last period of each class, we can borrow two books at a time. These books may be kept for two weeks. There is also a reading section of the library where we can read journals, magazines and newspapers even after the school hours as well as lunch hours. The library remains open from 8 amto 5 pm. There is a rare collection of books in our library. It is a key attraction for all students. There are novels and short stories for entertainment. The few books which we read as text in our classes are not enough for our mental satisfaction. To widen our knowledge and enrich our outlook, we read many other essential books. I use my school library regularly. It is, so to speak, a store-house of knowledge and information to me. Indeed, it opens the window to future scholarship. In fact, we can say that our school library is really a suitable place for reading. 



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