English Grammar Exercise

Select the one  word or phrase that is incorrect.

1.  The majority to the news is about violence or scandal.

A.  The

B.  to

C.  news

D.  violence

2.  Takeshi swimmed one hundred laps in the pool yesterday.

A.  swimmed

B.  hundred

C.  in

D.  yesterday

3.  When our vacation, we plan to spend three days

scuba diving.

A.  When

B.  plan

C.  days

D.  diving

4.  Mr. Feinauer does not take critical of his work very well.

A.  does

B.  critical

C.  his

D.  well

5.  Yvette and Rinaldo send e-mail messages to other often.

A.  and

B.  send

C.  other

D.  often

6.  Mr. Olsen is telephoning a American Red Cross for help.

A.  is

B.  a

C.  Red

D.  for

7.  I had a enjoyable time at the party last night.

A.  a

B.  time

C.  at

D.  last

8.  The doctor him visited the patient’s parents.

A.  The

B.  him

C.  visited

D.  patient’s

9.  Petra intends to starting her own software business

in a few years.

A.  intends

B.  starting

C.  software

D.  few

10. Each day after school, Jerome run five miles.

A.  Each

B.  after

C.  run

D.  miles

11. He goes never to the company softball games.

A.  never

B.  the

C.  softball

D.  games

12. Do you know the student who books were stolen?

A.  Do

B.  know

C.  who

D.  were

13. Jean-Pierre will spend his vacation either in Singapore

nor the Bahamas.

A.  will

B.  his

C.  nor

D.  Bahamas

14. I told the salesman that I was not interesting in buying the latest model.

A.  told

B.  that

C.  interesting

D.  buying

15. Frederick used work for a multinational corporation

when he lived in Malaysia.

A.  used work

B.  multinational

C.  when

D.  lived in


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