English Grammar Exercise

Select the best answer.

1.  Juan___________ in the library this morning.

A.  is study

B.  studying

C.  is studying

D.  are studying

2. Alicia, __________ the windows please. It’s too hot in here.

A.  opens

B.  open

C.  opened

D.  will opened

3.  The movie was __________ the book.

A.  as

B.  as good

C.  good as

D.  as good as

4.  Eli’s hobbies include jogging, swimming, and __________.

A.  to climb mountains

B.  climb mountains

C.  to climb

D.  climbing mountains

5.  Mr. Hawkins requests that someone _________ the data

by fax immediately.

A.  sent

B.  sends

C.  send

D.  to send


6.  Who is ____________ , Marina or Sachiko?

A.  tallest

B.  tall

C.  taller

D.  the tallest


7.  The concert will begin ________ fifteen minutes.

A.  in

B.  on

C.  with

D.  about


8.  I have only a ________ Christmas cards left to write.

A.  few

B.  fewer

C.  less

D.  little


9.  Each of the Olympic athletes ____________ for months,

even years.

A.  have been training

B.  were training

C.  has been training

D.  been training


10. Maria __________ never late for work.

A.  am

B.  are

C.  were

D.  is


11. The company will upgrade _________ computer information systems next month.

A.  there

B.  their

C.  it’s

D.  its


12. Cheryl likes apples, _________ she does not like oranges.

A.  so

B.  for

C.  but

D.  or


13. You were ____________ the New York office before 2 p.m.

A.  suppose call

B.  supposed to call

C.  supposed calling

D.  supposed call

14. When I graduate from college next June, I _____________

a student here for five years.

A.  will have been

B.  have been

C.  has been

D.  will have

15. Ms. Guth _________ rather not invest that money in the

stock market.

A.  has to

B.  could

C.  would

D.  must


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