English Vocabulary

Select the best answer

1.  The rate of ___________ has been fluctuating wildly

this week.

A.  money

B.  bills

C.  coins

D.  exchange

2.  The bus ___________ arrives late during bad weather.

A.  every week

B.  later

C.  yesterday

D.  always

3.  Do you ____________ where the nearest grocery store is?

A.  know

B.  no

C.  now

D.  not

4.  Jerry Seinfeld, the popular American comedian, has his audiences ___________.

A.  putting too many irons in the fire

B.  keeping their noses out of someone’s business

C.  rolling in the aisles

D.  going to bat for someone

5.  The chairperson will ____________ members to the subcommittee.

A.  appoint

B.  disappoint

C.  appointment

D.  disappointed


6.  The critics had to admit that the ballet ______________

was superb.

A.  procrastinate

B.  performance

C.  pathology

D.  psychosomatic

7. Peter says he can’t ___________ our invitation

to dinner tonight.

A.  angel

B.  across

C.  accept

D.  almost

8.  We were __________ friends in that strange but magical country.

A.  upon

B.  among

C.  toward

D.  in addition to

9.  The hurricane caused ____________ damage to the city.

A.  extend

B.  extended

C.  extensive

D.  extension

10.  Many cultures have special ceremonies to celebrate a person’s _________ of passage into adulthood.

A.  right

B.  rite

C.  writ

D.  write


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