General English

Read the following passage and answer questions 1 – 5

The 50 million-year-old fossils of an ancient whale found in the Himalayan foothills of Pakistan give strong evidence that modern whales are descended from a four-legged, land-dwelling animal. The fossils consist of part of the skull, some teeth and the well preserved middle ear of an animal that was 6 to 8 feet long, weighed 350 pounds, had a wolf-like snout and had to foot-long jaws with sharp, triangular teeth. It is the middle ear which suggests that the ancient whale lived on land. Analysis indicated that the animal had eardrums, which do not work in water and which modern whales have only in vestigial form. Further more, the right and left ear bones were not isolated from each other. The separation of these bones in marine whales enables them to detect the direction of underwater sounds.

01. The 50 million-year-old fossils found in Pakistan.

A. are 6 to 8 feet long and 350 pounds in weight

B. are descended from a four legged, land dwelling animal

C. proves the Himalayan foothills were once under water

D. includes the middle ear of an ancient whale

.¾¾02.Whales with eardrums

A. would not be able to hear well in water

B. were marine creatures

C. could distinguish where under water sounds originated

D. could not live on land

.¾¾03. A marine whale can recognize the source of a sound because

A. the right and left ear bones are isolated from each other

B. the middle ear is in a vestigial form

C. it lives under water instead of on land

D. it has a well preserved middle ear

04. Which organ of the ancient whale does not work in water?

A. Jaws B. Teeth

C. Bones D. Eardrums

05. Which bones of the ancient whale were not isolated from each other ?

A.Foot-long jawsB. right and middle ear

C. right and left ear

D. left and middle ear

06. Select the correct spelling

A. DillemmeB. DillemaC. DilemmaD. Dillemma

07. The artist P.C. Mahbub received __ recognition during his lifetime.

A. little B. only littleC. not little D. few

08. The stranger _____ me on my way home last night.

A. stops B. has stopped

C. stopped D. had stopped

09. What is the advantage of living according to Shakespeare’s “Under the greenwood tree”?

A. one may face no enemy

B. one may face winter and rough weather

C. one may give up high ambition

D. one may stop seeking food

10. According to Herrick’s “To Daffodils” Why human life and Daffodils are similar?

A. both are valuable

B. both are the creation of God.

C. both are very important to poet

D. both are very transient

11. As a general rule, the standard of living ____ by the average output of each person in society.

A. is fixedB. fixedC. has fixedD. fixes

12. Which word is incorrect with suffix “ness”?

A. Kind B. Great C. Beautiful D. Dark

13. The driver stopped just _____ time to avoid an accident.

A. on B. by C. at D. in

14. Everyone should have an esteem _____ religion.

A. for B. to C. in D. at

15. Biplob sat on a chair _____ in the middle of the room.

A. placing B. to be placed

C. is placing D. placed

16. No sooner had the teacher _____ the class than the students stood up.

A. enterB. is enterC. enterredD. entered

17. An intensive search was conducted by the detective to locate those criminals who _____

A. have had escaped B. had escaped

C. are escaping D. have been escaping

18. If you had read the book, you _____ many things.

A. will have learnt B. have had learnt

C. would have learnt D. would learn

19. তোমার ঘড়িতে এখন কয়টা বাজে? Translate it

A. What time is it in your watch now?

B. What is the time now by your watch?

C. How much time is it by your watch now?

D. What is the time now in by watch?

20.The antonym of the word “Inevitable”

A. unlimited B. varied

C. vital D. avoidable

21. “Zero hour” means ––––

A. conclusion

B. ending hour of some event

C. a crucial movement D. rounding up

22. Select the correct sentence

A. Alam gave money to beggars and I did so.

B. Alam gave money to beggars and so I did.

C. Alam gave money to beggars and I did also.

D. Alam gave money to beggars and so did I.

23. He turned _____ my proposal.

A. down B. up C. away D. into

24. The synonym of ‘Advocate’ ––––

A. Deceitful B. Supporter

C. Sly D. Swindler

25. What is the adjective of the word ‘Example’?

A. exemplary B. exemplity

C. exempt D. exampleable


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