English 2nd Paper(8)

Section : A: Grammar

[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks.]
01. Fill in the gaps of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross for zero article. 0.5 x 6 = 03

Yesterday while I was going to Comilla by (a)…….bus, I saw (b)……elderly lady carrying (c)…….huge bag and (d)……..umbrella struggling to get onto (e)……bus. She would not let anyone carry her bag. I invited her to take (f)……seat next to mine. She took the seat and thanked me.

02. Fill in the blanks of the following text with prepositions. 0.5 x 6 = 03
Moni: When did you last visit Tania?

Sima: Oh, dear, I haven’t seen her (a)…….ages. Does she still live (b)……Uttara?

Moni: No, she has moved (c)…….Uttara.

Sima: Where has she moved (d)……?

Moni: Lalmatia. Let’s visit her one day. Tania would be very happy.

Sima: Yes, I know, but I work (e)……about 10 pm most nights. When I get back home, I am very tired. Okay, let’s see……, tomorrow I won’t be much busy. So, we can make it tomorrow.

Moni: That’s fine. I will pick you (f)……from your office, is that okay?

Sima: Of course, that’d be very nice.

03. Make four sentences from the substitution table. 1x 4 = 04

My mother, My parents, My father has to / have to (doesn’t / don’t) have to do cooking do the washing

go to work do the shopping

04. Change the following passage into indirect speech. 1x 4 = 04

The patient said to the doctor, “Last month my blood pressure was too high. Since then I have changed my food habits.” The doctor asked, “How?” “I’m taking more fruits and vegetables, and very little fat in my diet. I’m having less sugar and salt now.”

05. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets. 1x 5 = 05

(a).Rana is one of the meritorious boys in our class (Make it a positive sentence). (b).He is always attentive in the class (Make it a negative sentence without changing meaning). (c).He is never disobedient to his teachers (Make it an affirmative sentence). (d).No other boy in our class is as popular as Rana (Make it a superlative sentence). (e).A boy like him is always loved by all (Make it an interrogative sentence).

06. Re-write the following passage using capitalization and punctuation. 0.5 x 6 = 03
yesterday we all went to visit one of our uncles’ house at shafipur we spent the day eating delicious food and roaming around it took us about five hours to come back due to heavy traffic

07. Fill in the gaps of the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text. 0.5 x 8 = 04
Ernest Hemingway, one of the famous American writers had a great (a) attract to war. He had wanted to become a soldier but (b) fortune he couldn’t because of his poor eye sight. Later, he became a war (c) correspond in the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Many of his books were about war. His most (d) success book is For Whom the Bell Tolls is about the Spanish War. Another novel, A Farewell to Arms, is also about the (e) use of war. This book also gained much (f) popular. However, (g) like his writing, his personal life was full of misery. One of the reasons was his physical (h) sick for which he couldn’t even receive the Nobel Prize he was awarded in person.

08. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form. 0.5 x 8 = 04
take be surprise wish know see go become Paul (a)…….when he met Sue at the party. He thought that she (b)……..away from their locality. The last time he saw her while she (c)….…..her driving test. Paul came to (d)……that she (e)…….sick for the last two months. She (f)……very thin. Any way, (g)…….her back again, Paul was happy and (h)…..…her good health.

Section # B: Composition

09. You want to participate in an Essay Writing Competition organized by a national daily. Write an email to the Editor requesting him / her for sending you the guidelines and other detail of that competition. Word limit: 150 words. 08

10. Write a composition on the following topic  in 250 words. 12
A school excursion you have recently been to a nearby town.


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