Use articles where necessary. Put a (X) where an article is not necessary


Punctuality is of great value to a) ——– student. B) ——–unpunctual boy who is late in c) ——— class will miss d) ——– part of his lesson and fall e )——– behind other students. But f) ——– punctual student will learn his lesson in g) ——–time and do well in h) ——— examination. Punctuality is i) ——- key to success in life. We all should be j) ——–punctual in our activities.


English is a) ——-international language. We feel b) —-necessity of learning English at every step. This is c) —— only language of international overseas business, communication, co-operation and d) ——–co-existence. It is essential to receive e) ——-foreign degree or higher education. All f) ——- good jobs need English knowing persons. So every educated man should know how to g) ——-communicate in English. To learn and develop h) ——- skills of English specially for i) ——– students is very important. No j) —–student should be ignorant of it.


Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her a) ——- husband. During marriage ceremony b) ——-section of greedy people claim much wealth or money from c) ——- guardians of the brides. D) ——-poor illiterate girls become e) ——–victims of dowry. If f) ——-guardians fail to fulfil g) ——- demand of h) ———-bridegroom, the brides are maltreated. So, the poor cannot think of marriage of their daughters. It is i) ——–social curse. This curse can be eliminated by changing the outlook of people specially the male j) ——-members.


Journey is always a) ——- pleasure to me. Wherever I go on a journey, my heart leaps with b) ——-joy. But c) ——–journey by boat gives me d) ——– greatest pleasure. Since Bangladesh is a land of e) ———–rivers, it is f) ——–easy matter to make g) ————–journey by boat. Whenever I get h) ——opportunity to make i) ——– journey by boat, I make j) ——- best use of the opportunity.


A true friend is a) ——– asset. He stands by his b) —– friend in time of danger. He is not c) —– greedy man. He always wishes for d) ——welfare of his friend. But it is e) ——– matter of f) —— fact that g) ——- ideal friend is very rare today. h) ——-selfish man cannot be i) —— true friend. He thinks of his own j) ——-interest.


The great ship Titanic sailed for New York from Southampton on April 1912. at that time she was a) —— largest ship. b) —–tragic sinking or this great c) ——- liner will always be remembered for she went down on her first voyage. Four days after sailing out, while it was sailing across d) —– icy e) ——wants of f) ——-north Atlantic, g) ——huge ice-berg was suddenly spotted. After h) ——alarm had been given i) —–great ship turned sharply to avoid j) ——collision.


it was a) —–dark night. A blind man was walking along b) ——road with c) ——-lamp in his hand. Two men laughed at d) ——– blind man. One said, “What’s e) —— use of f) ——-lamp to a blind man?” the other called him g) ——–fool. The blind man heard this and said, “It’s for those who’re h) —— careless.” “What i) ——- surprise”, said j) ——– others


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