Articles Excercise

1.________ Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

2.Elezabeth ________(II) was a great queen.

3. Elezabeth______ 2nd or second was a great queen.

4.Criminals are of ______ character.

5.The king went _______ hunting. (a)

6.Many _______ boy was present in the meeting.

7.Rabya is ______ better of ______ two girls.

8.______ water is life.

9.He plays _______ piano.

10.It is cold in ______ winter.

11.He is quite ______ clever girl.

12.The sooner,______ better.

13.He came on ______ Monday .

14.The workmen went to _______ church to repair the roof.

15._______ Nazrul is _______ Byron of Bangladesh.

16.You are_______ Nazrul I see.

17.Please give me________ one taka note.

18.He is ________ European.

19.He is ________ L.L.B.

20.It is ________ ewe I see.


1. (No Article)

2. (No Article)

3. (the)

4. {a (disguise preposition)}

5. (a)

6. (a)

7. (the,the)

8. (No Article)

9. (the)

10. (No Article,the)

11. (a)

12. (the)

13. (No Article)

14. (the)

15. (No Article,the)

16. (a)

17. (a)

18. (a)

19. (an)

20. (a)


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