English for Today-8

Unit-1 Going on a foreign trip

Unit-2 & 3

Letter and Application

1.Invite your friend to join the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.,

2.Congratulate your friend on his brilliant result in PSC examination.,

3.A letter to your friend about cox’sBazar. ,

4.Write a letter to your friend about your school. ,

5.Write a letter to your younger brother about the rules of health.,

6.Write a letter to your friend about your plan for setting up an old people’s home.,

7.Write a letter to your friend about your school. ,

8.Write a letter to your friend about your school. ,

9.Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success in the High School Examination. ,

10.Write a letter to your friend Write a letter to your friend about the picnic. ,

11.letter to your friend about the picnic. ,

12.A letter to your friend requesting him to lend you a book. ,

13.An application to your headmaster for a seat in the school hostel.,

14.An application for a full free studentship. ,

15.An application for a full free studentship/ stipend / help from the poor fund.,

16.An application for five days leave in advance.,

17.An application to your headmaster for morning school.,

18.Describing nearby market ,

19.About your aim in life ,

20.About your hobby ,

21.Describing a picnic ,

22.Attend marriage ceremony ,

23.Preparation for the J.S.C exam ,

24.First foreign trip ,

25.Maintain personal hygiene ,

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.


23th February,2013

Dear Mahmuda,

With immense pleasure I would like to invite you to share my happiness as I tie the pious string of marriage with Rajat. We would be greatly honored by your presence at our wedding which is on May 23rd, 2010. As we have planned to get married in the traditional style, so the venue will be our home town Jaipur in Rajasthan State.

We would like you to join us at least 3 or 4 days prior to the wedding day as there will be a series of traditional ceremonies, which will surely bliss you. It will give you a good chance to see the Indian culture and custom which you always wanted to be a part of.

Kindly consider it as my personal invitation and please confirm your arrival at the earliest.

Take care

With Best Wishes,


#Draw an Envelop#

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him /her on his brilliant result in PSC examination.

Janurary 30, 2013

Rahma Hussain ,Dhaka-1207

Dear Sadia

It is a matter of great joy that you have fulfilled all our hopes and aspiration by getting A+ in the PSC Examination. You worked hard sincerely and cut an excellent result. It is your own credit. We are the partners of your success and joys. In fact I was overwhelmed with when I heard that you have got A+. It is expected that you will continue this way of victory up to your whole life. As you have glorified your parents and well-wisher.

Finally it can be said that may Allah bless you and give you the strength of serving the country.

My heartiest felicitation to you on your brilliant result.

With best love to you.

Yours ever,


#Draw an Envelop#

A letter to your friend about cox’sBazar.


23th February,2013

Dear Mahmuda,

Your sweet letter is now in my hand. I am glad to know that all of the members of your family are hale and hearty. You want to visit Cox’sbazar. For this you have written me to give you some information about the beauty of Cox’sbazar .You know Cox’sbazar sea beach is 120 Kilo miters sandy sea beach with a gentle slopping. It is the tourist capital of Bangladesh.It is shark free and good for bathing, swimming & sun-bathing. Lots of local tourist & foreign tourist visit Cox’s Bazar to spend their leisure in Cox’s Bazaar.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is crowded almost throughout the year. It is a good place for sea bathing. Anyone can come here both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong.

Cox’s Bazar is a small town. But the natural beauty of the town is very charming. The climate of this place is very fine. The Bay of Bengal lies on the south of it. There is a high standard tourist centre at this place. There are good arrangements for the stay of the tourists of different countries of the world. Many foreigners come to this place. The people of the place are very gentle. A lot of fish is available there.

I’d like to stop here. Please write to me whenever you can manage time. And you’re always welcome to my house.

Yours ever


#Draw an Envelop#

Write a letter to your friend about your school.


23th February,2013

Dear Mahdia,

You know now I am student of Cox’sbazar Government Girls High School which is one of the best schools of Cox’sbazar district. It has all facilities.

As we enter the school, there is a playground and a small garden to our left. When we enter the building, the Headmaster and teachers are . These are well furnished. There are thirty four classrooms. Our labs are well equipped. Our library has books almost on all subjects.

Our school, like all schools, has a prescribed uniform. We have to wear light blue cotton frocks, white trousers, shoes and white socks. In our school special attention is paid to behavior, cleanliness and punctuality. The most well behaved, neat and punctual student is awarded a prize at the Annual Day function. Our Headmaster is a strict disciplinarian. If anyone violates the rules, and is not in uniform, or makes mischief, he gets punished. But he is fair and loving. He tries to find out the reason and guides us. Our teachers are also quite strict. They teach us with great care, check our note-books help us when we need but if we are inattentive and don’t work properly, and then we are punished.

I like my school very much and I am proud that I belong to it. I shall never forget it.

Convey my regards to Mother, Papa and Mom and love to Munmun.

With best wishes and love to you.

Affectionately yours, .


#Draw an Envelop#

Write a letter to your younger brother telling him about the rules of health.


23th February,2013

My dear Abid

I am pained to learn from father’s letter that your health is growing from bad to worse day by day. He has expressed great anxiety about your health. Dad is very much worried for this. I too cannot be happy to hear such news. You must be very careful about your health.

In order to maintain your health you must obey the laws of health. In the first place you must take light food. Never over eat yourself. You must not drink water with your food. Take your evening meal three or four hours before going to bed. Secondly, you must take exercise daily. Thirdly, you must brush your teeth arid take a bath daily. Bad teeth bring on indigestion. Fourthly, you must go to bed early and get up early. Fifthly, you must avoid over work because it is harmful to health. Lastly, you do not take smoking forever. If you observe these rules, your health will keep healthy and sound.

With love and best wishes,

Yours affectionately,


#Draw an Envelop#

Write a letter to your friend about your plan for setting up an old people’s home.


27th February,2013

My dear Amina,

Thank you very much for your sweet letter. I was really expecting it every day. Now-a-days the combined family structure is breaking into single family which is increasing rapidly. Old people who are retired from their service they find themselves alone. Their sons and daughter are living distance places under circumstances. No one stay with them to look after the elderly people.

For these helpless people I am making a plan for setting up an old people’s home for taking care them.Older adults need a lot of extra care and attention. Because of their many needs, the home may not be safe for an elderly people. If we are going to be caring for an older people they may survive their rest life in peace.

Care of the elderly is a critical issue that our society currently faces, with more and more of the aging population choosing to stay in their homes instead of moving into nursing facilities. Home care of the elderly involves many different services such as meal preparation, light housekeeping and errand running. Assistance with hygiene and even pet care is often needed. If we want to set up old home to care for one or more elderly people, there are several things to consider.

No more today.With love and best wishes,

Yours affectionately,


#Draw an Envelop#

write an application to the Headmaster of your school for a testimonial / character certificate.

15th July 2013

The Headmaster

Lohagara Model High School


Subject: Application for a testimonial / character certificate.


With due respect I would like to inform you that I have passed the PSC examination recently from your school and obtained GPA.5. My Roll number was 652784 in commerce group. Now, I want to get myself admitted into a school.
So, I need a testimonial/character certificate from you.

In the circumstances, I hope that you would be kind enough to issue me a testimonial / character certificate.

Yours obediently

Shaheda Khanam

Roll no. – 652784

Board- Chittagong

Session- 2012

Letter for younger brother advising him to be serious in studies.

20th August, 2013




Dear Nuri,

Hope you are well. How are your classes and study? I have been terribly shocked to know that you are quite indifferent to your study. Nothing can be more deplorable than this. Don’t you see how the good students are respected? You don’t know how much exciting it is to have a good result in the exciting it is to have a good result in the examination. If you are not serious you cannot have good result which is a must to be admitted into a good school. Unless you can have a brilliant result, you will have to suffer throughout your life because with a poor certificate you can neither get higher studies nor a good job.So the ultimate of it is to suffer endlessly. Still you have in hand to come back to seriousness.
Waste no more time. Let me know in a letter that you have been serious.

Your loving brother,


Draw an envelop

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success in the High School Examination.

26th June, 2013





My dear Meem,

I am glad to learn from today’s issue of The Daily Ittefaq that you have passed the PSC Examination held in December last. You have obtained GPA-5.
My parents, brothers and sisters are very glad to hear the happy news of your brilliant success. Meem, my sister began to dance to show her unbounded joy on your success.
All the members of the family join me in heartily congratulating you and your parents. You have brought great credit to your family and college.
I suggest in the capacity of your friend that you should join the Government School, Coxsbazar. After passing the S.S.C with credit you can go for the Government College.
Offering you my heartiest congratulation again.

Yours sincerely,


Draw an envelop

Write a letter to your friend about the picnic.

The 8th June, 2013

7/B Mirpur,


Dear Ruhi,

I am glad to receive your letter.You have wanted to know about the picnic that we made. I am now writing about it. It was winter vacation. Our school was closed. I with some of my friends arranged a picnic. We selected Sonargaon for the picnic spot. It is some twenty miles off Dhaka.We got into the bus hired before at about 9 am with all necessary utensils and materials. After reaching Sonargaon we finished our breakfast by 9.30 am.
We did not take any cook with us. Our mathematics teacher, Mr. Anwar hossain has a reputation as an expert in cooking. I helped him in cooking. Some were singing, some were cutting jokes and other were playing different types of games. At about with full appetite. After lunch we went out for sight seeing. Sonargaon charmed us most. We started for home at 5pm after faking our tea.
We enjoyed the picnic most.

Lovingly yours,


Write a letter to your friend requesting him to lend you a book.

April 19, 2013

Dear Rony,

I received your letter yesterday. I am glad to know that you are well. Our first Terminal Examination comes of on July 18. Unfortunately I lost my English Text Book. I shall be grateful to you if you kindly lend me the book for a week. I shall return it in a week.
No more today. With best wishes and love.
Yours ever


Write an application to your headmaster for a seat in the school hostel.

23th September,2013
The headmaster
Borahatia Adarsha High School.

Subject: prayer for a seat in the school hostel.


With due to respect to state that I am a regular student of your school. Recently my father has been transferred from here to Dhaka. My family will shift there very soon. I have no relatives here to reside with. I need a seat in the school hostel.
I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to issue me a seat in the school hostel and oblige thereby.
Your most obediently

Abdur Rahman
Roll: 07

An application for a free Studentship

The 8th June, 2013
The headmaster
Model High School,

Sub: Prayer for a full-free studentship.


I beg most respectfully to state that I am a student of your school of class VI. I did well and stood 2nd in the last annual examination obtaining more than 80% marks in total. My father is the only earning person of our family consisting of six members. His income is too small to meet the expenses of education of all my brothers and sisters. So it is not possible for me to continue my study any longer.
My, I therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant me a full free-studentship from the current month and thus enable me to continue my study in the school.

I remain
Your most obedient pupil
Nadim Hossain
Roll No-31

20 March, 2013
The Headmaster
K. M. Latif Institution
Mathbaria, Pirojpur

Subject: Application for a full free studentship/ stipend / help from the poor fund.


With due respect I would like to draw your kind attention that I have been a student of your school since 2009. My father is a poor farmer. There is no other earning member in our family. It is impossible for me to continue my study unless I am given an opportunity of a full free studentship/ stipend / help from the poor fund. I want to add more that my teachers have always been satisfied with my progress in studies and with my conduct.
In the circumstances, I hope that you would be kind enough to grant me a full free studentship/ stipend / help from the poor fund.

Yours obediently
Abul Kashem
Class- Six
Roll no. – 03

write an application to the Headmaster praying for four day’s leave in advance.

April 21, 2013
The Headmaster
Chittagong Govt. High School

Subject: Prayer for four day’s leave in advance.


I beg most respectfully to state that my elder sister’s marriage ceremony is going to be held on Sunday, the 27th April. As such, I will remain busy at home for necessary preparation and arrangement of the ceremony. I like to mention here that I am the eldest son of my parents and my father depends much on me in this regard.

I, therefore, earnestly pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant me four day’s leave in advance with effect from 25th April and oblige thereby.
Your most obedient pupil,

Abdus Sukur
Roll no.3

Write an application to your headmaster for morning school.

March 27. 2013
The Headmaster
Coxsbazar Govt. High School

Subject: An application for morning school.


I, on behalf of the students of your school, beg most respectfully to state that it has become very hard for us to attend our classes on account of scorching heat of the meridian sun.

I, therefore, most humbly pray that your honor would be kind enough to hold the classes in the morning from tomorrow.
Yours obediently

Mujubul Hoque
On behalf of the students of your school.

1. Write a letter to your friend about describing nearby market.


January 9th -2013

My dear Asma

In your previous letter you asked me to describe of our nearby market. Dear friend, the nearby market which is situated it is only 300 hundred meters from my home. It sits every day morning.

From very early morning the small traders come from distance village to sell their vegetables, fruits and other things. Every kind of things of this market is very fresh. The consumers who come from around the place are very satisfied. Because they can get fresher foods, seasonal foods healthier foods, organic foods, free-range eggs and poultry, handmade cheese, handmade cake etc. Fish market is very interesting place. Fresh fishes of sea and river are sold here. People bargain with fish monger while they buy fishes.

They also very happy that this market is a place where they meet neighbors and here they take tea while chat with others. So it is not only a market but also a place of meeting.

I hope the next time you come here I will get you to our nearby market. Be happy for always.

Yours Sincerely,


2. Write a letter to your friend about your aim in life.


January 29th -2013

My dear Asma

I am in receipt of your affectionate letter. It is always a pleasure for me to hear form a dear friend like you, whom I have not met for such a long time. .

You have asked me about my. I have also an aim. Aimless life is certainly a sin. Many people have no definite aim in life. They are like the travelers going ahead without any destination. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happen to be placed. Aimless people do not achieve anything in life. They just live because they have to live. One should have a definite purpose of life. The people who want success in life, first of all, determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their virtuous, their qualities, their talents and their ability to work. They select some definite target of their life and remain successful. .

Different people have different aims in life. Some aim at wealth, some at power, some at fame, some at business and some at education and knowledge. My aim is neither wealth nor fame. I wish to serve by country with best of my talent. I love Bangladesh and I really believe that everybody should think to make it a really great country. I want to become a doctor. It is a noble profession. In medical line, there is much more scope of service. On can serve the patients everywhere in the country. This is my personal choice. My parents have compelled me to select it. I wish to become a very successful doctor in future. So I am studying hard to achieve my target. I have keen interest in medical line, so I do not feel any trouble in studying at all. After obtaining the medical degree, I plan to work in rural areas where there is much shortage of doctors. My father is well off man and I do not have any financial problem. I do not have the lust of money. I will go to the rural areas and shall help the poor people. I would be best sort of service. This will give me extreme satisfaction and that is the aim of my life. .

I know, my profession is very dignified and it will help me to get peace and satisfaction in life. It provides you best chances of service. Sympathy to human being is the sympathy to one owns self. .

With your good wishes and the blessings of God, I am confident of success. .

Rest is as usual. Do let me hear from you more frequently.

Yours sincerely


3. Write a letter to your friend about your hobby.


19th January,2013

Dear Nabila,

Thanks for your letter. It has since long time that I did not receive your letter. I was glad to read your letter. It gives me all the pleasure that you have joined a coaching institute of table tennis. Certainly it is good. It will give you a change from reading and refresh you for all the hard work. Above all, it is both entertaining and rewarding, for table tennis is fast gaining popularity. It is the best use of leisure time. .

I have also found new ways to utilise my leisure time. As you know, nature has been a source of pleasure for me. It is really an interesting hobby. It keeps you engaged as well as fit and healthy. When you dig and prepare ground for plants, a lot of physical work is involved. As the plants grow, you find pleasure. Your heart blooms to see a blooming plant. Garden also brings you closer to nature. I have maintained my garden. When you will be in my garden, you cannot stop appreciating me. .

I think you are surprising about my hobby. How it is possible for me to do it as a girl. Mind it, it depends on confidence. It is interesting to know how I chose gardening as my hobby. I happened to visit my uncle who lives in Bandarban. He has a big well-maintained garden. My uncle has devoted lots of his time, energy and money in his garden. I was impressed to see the beauty of nature there. It was at his inspiration that I chose gardening as my hobby. Really, it was the best decision. I enjoy it greatly.

I have lots to discuss. But we will discuss more when we meet. .

Your loving friend,


4.Write a letter to your friend describing the picnic you have enjoyed.


25 January 2013

My dear Iqra

I hope you are well. I’m well too. In your last letter you wanted to know about the picnic I had gone recently. Let me give you a description of the picnic.

I along with some of my friends had decided to go on a picnic. According to the decision we went to the picnic on 10 June 2011. We all decided to go to the Shat Gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat. You know it is a place of historical interest. We began to take preparation beforehand. We first hired a microbus to go there. We also took with us other necessary things. The hired microbus took to the place without difficulties. We reached there before the expected time. Reaching there we visited around the Shat Gambuj Mosque. As we took with us cooked food, we did not have to cook. Actually I enjoyed it very much. I was surprised to see the big and beautiful building of the mosque. The mosque is beautifully decorated. The surrounding scenery is also charming. I also played and important role in the picnic. I was in the charge of management. However, after staying till 5 pm we left the picnic spot for our home. And we reached home without trouble. Really Shat Gambuj Mosque is a place of historical interest. I enjoyed the whole picnic. I left the Shat Gambuj Mosque but the memory still haunts my mind. I also recommend you to go there.

Today I have to stop here. Convey my salaam to your parents and love to your younger brother and sister.

Yours ever


5.Write a letter to your friend inviting him to attend the marriage of your brother/Sister.


23 January 2013

My dear Nasima

It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to attend the marriage ceremony of my brother which is going to be held on 21st February 2013. We have made arrangement of buses to go to the bride’s place. It is hardly 40 kms away from our home. I have invited all my friends. It is my earnest request to you to be present at this happy occasion. They all are coming. I am sure, you too will come. My parents will be very happy to see you.

Please book a ticket today and let me know the date and train by which you are coming so that I may receive you at the railway station.

Convey my regards to your parents.

Your loving friend


6.Write a letter to your father informing him about your preparation of the JSC/Annual examination.

July 30, 2013




My dear father,

My Salam to you and to my mother. Hope, you all are keeping well by the grace of almighty. I am also well. I have not heard any news for a long time. I could not write to you during the long period. But today I could not but write to you to tell you good news.

You will be glad to know that I stood first in the final Model test of our school. You know I could not do very well in the pre- final Model. But after it was over, I began to study vigorously. I got 80% marks only in Mathematics. I thought about it seriously. I found no subject hard to me. Earlier I did not study on any subject very seriously except Mathematics. Before our test examination I studied very well for two months. Every day, I started to study at 6:30 p.m. closing the door of my reading room and continued up to 12:00 (midnight) with a gap of 20 minutes for supper in the middle. Every morning I checked what I learnt the previous night through writing. I just placed the questions on the table and wrote their answers within a fixed time. After that I myself assessed them with the help of the answers prepared earlier by my subject teachers. You can say, I was in deep study while night and I sat for exam in every morning. The practiced helped me so much that I have done quite well in the Model test of our school. I can assure you that if God wishes I can fulfill your expectation in the coming examination. Now I am quite hopeful of having my JSC result with GPA 5.In the final Model Test I got grade point 5 in every subject. And in my most favorite subjects, Mathematics and Science, I got 100 and 97 marks respectively. This is all about how I prepared for the coming JSC examination.

Convey my Salam to mother and love to the younger.

Your affectionate daughter

Firoza Akther

7.Write a letter to your friend about your first foreign trip.

July 30, 2005




Dear Mahbuba,

How are you and your family getting on? I hope everyone is fine. I await with eager anticipation to share with you that I spend a family vacation in Kashmir. “You’re going WHERE?” This was my mother’s reaction after telling her about my plan to travel overseas to Beirut, Lebanon back in 2006. In fact, this was the response I got from everyone around me including my friends, and my family.

A friend invited me to visit Kashmir. It was 2012. I was in the dark about the plight. Kashmir was as pretty as I thought it would be. The mountainous views were amazing; however they were hardly visible with umbrellas in winter. My favorite part of the vacation was the beer gardens. One afternoon we enjoyed some Kashmir culture all afternoon.

The next morning was another memorable experience that I will never forget. Although we had only gotten a few hours of sleep, we woke early for coffee. I remember walking out to the balcony for the first time and was completely taken aback. The home is in an area from where overlooked the Zilam river. The sun was just starting to come up. The view of the waters is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
Well, it’s time to end this letter, and more will follow. Also, I would like to hear from all of you too. Take care!

Your affectionate friend


8.Write a letter to your friend about what you do daily to maintain personal hygiene.

20, Anderkilla,


15th May 2013

Dear Masuda

In your last letter you asked me to tell you about personal hygiene. Please take my friendly salute. Yesterday, I got your letter. You have asked me to write you about personal hygiene. I am writing it below.

You know “Health is Wealth”. Everybody should follow the rules of health and hygiene. Here I am giving you some Hygienic rules I think these will be very useful for you.

• Washing hands, face, hair and other parts of body, frequently
• Brushing/cleaning teeth at least once a day
• Cleaning the living quarters including frequent change of clean bed sheets, pillow covers, and changing personal clothes and under garments, frequently
• Using care to avoid soling clothes and body parts, when urinating, vomiting or relieving oneself in toilet
• Washing hand before eating- especially after touching animals
• Holding a tissue/handkerchief over the mouth when coughing or sneezing. If you use hands, make sure to wash them afterwards
• Suppression of habits such as nose-picking, touching the face etc.
• Not biting nails
• Washing hands after using toilet

Don’t forget to tell me all about your opinions. No more today. More when we meet.

Your loving


Draw envelop and write address under every personal letter.


9 Responses

  1. I need a paragraph about food and nutrition

    • Food Nutrition
      Food nutrition is a key element in maintaining our overall physical well being. We must always pay attention to the foods that we eat because they will eventually impact our health, for better or for worst. We have more information available about the benefits of every particular food group than we’ve ever had before, which is why we also have a bigger responsibility than ever before to make assertive and responsible food choices.
      Carbohydrates, fats and proteins have each got a specific function to serve in our bodies. The key to good health lies in maintaining balanced food nutrition. Our body transforms carbohydrates to sugar that gives in the necessary energy to perform daily activities such as work, study, or exercise. Carbohydrates can be found in fruits, and in whole grain bread, pasta, and rice. Proteins are the main components of the muscles of our body. Foods that provide protein include red meat, white meat, nuts, and dairy products. Doctors recommend eating more white meat such as fish and chicken than red meat.
      We must take care of our health, we must seek to achieve and maintain a strong, flexible and vital physique. I cannot emphasize enough the positive benefits that food nutrition and regular exercise have upon our emotional and physical well being. Adults should teach children healthy eating habits because when you learn something from a small age it becomes a custom and you are more likely to follow this custom for the rest of your life.

  2. May I get the other units also?

  3. I want a paragraph about load sheeding


      Nowadays load-shedding is almost a daily occurrence in cities and suburbs. There is hardly any area which is not affected by it. Cinema houses, shops, factories, hospitals are fall affected by it. The industrial units are paralyzed for the time being. Production is hampered due to failure of electricity. Even operation stops in hospitals for load – shedding. The students close their books and sit idly in darkness. They curse the authorities especially if electricity fails before their examination. In fact, the problem of load – shedding is a great problem our country. Students are badly affected for it. It should not be allowed to continue in the present manner. The whole country is bound to collapse if the present condition of load-shedding is not improved. So the government should think over the matter deeply and take necessary steps to check it as early as possible.

  4. thanks for this nice page

  5. write a letter about floating market

    A floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found in Thailand. There are many floating markets in Thailand and the Tha Kha floating market is a traditional one with a few tourists. Originally, the Tha Kha floating market used to sit only six or seven days a month depending on the phase of the moon. Now a day, the trade takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays too. The main buyers here are the local people of this market. People are familiar to one another very well. They were all busy buying and selling. The traditional and very popular food called ‘Pad Thai’, is sold, a kind of noodles with shrimps, tomato and some vegetables, with freshly roasted crushed peanut, in the market. The food was served in a bowl made from banana leaf. After Pad Thai, ‘Kanom Krok’ is another testy food. It is a coconut pancake which is very sweet. They do not understand English or any other language. The Tha Kha people are simple and easy going. They are very friendly and polite.

  6. khub sundor uddog.sokol unit ar synonym dile sokoler upokar hoto.

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